Solid Wax Adhesive for Temporary Mounting
DIAGLUE WX-S 1006 series hot melt solid adhesive is designed for temporarily mounting objects that require polishing, lapping,
grinding, dicing and other machining processes. DIAGLUE WX-S 1006 hot melt adhesive exhibits high bond strength, high softening
temperatures and low viscosity, which provide a reliable, ultrathin layer of adhesive onto semiconductor wafer substrates.DIAGLUE WX-S 1006, along with a specially formulated cleaning agent, streamlines the cleaning process and reduces cleaning times.




  • High Bond Strength at High Processing Speed
  • High Softening Point and Melting Temperature
  • Low Viscosity and Excellent Liquidity
  • Spreading Thickness Less than 2 Microns with Ultra Tight TTV

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